The Performance of Post-Quantum TLS1.3

This page describes the artifacts and published data necessary to reproduce the findings of the paper: "The Performance of Post-Quantum TLS1.3", a collobaration between TUM and Nokia Bell Labs.

The paper was published at the CoNEXT 2023 and can be found online under DOI:10.1145/3624354.3630585.

We provide access to the following artifacts:
  • A docker setup to reproduce most of our experiments. It is a simplified 2-node setup that can run in arbitrary environments, although, results might differ because of the containers, virtualized networks, traffic capturing only with software, and the different underlying hardware. The scripts can be found at our main Github Repository.
  • The raw measurements data obtained in our 3-node setup using hardware timestamping. It is available on MediaTUM, or DOI:10.14459/2023mp1725057.
  • Evaluation scripts to reproduce our analyses, also at our main Github Repository. They can be used both together with results from a local docker experiments or our published data. Using the latter as input allows to reproduce the exact findings from our paper.
  • The used OpenSSL Fork found at our TUM I8 OpenSSL Repository, containing a fork of the Open Quantum Safe's OpenSSL version.

You can cite our work using the following template:

Markus Sosnowski, Florian Wiedner, Eric Hauser, Lion Steger, Dimitrios Schoinianakis, Sebastian Gallenmüller, and Georg Carle. 2023. The Performance of Post-Quantum TLS 1.3. In Proceedings of the International Conference on emerging Networking EXperiments and Technologies (CoNEXT ’23). Paris, France.


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